Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anjali - But That's also a Word Na

We were discussing a singing reality show that Anjali loves watching.
"I love N", she declared. "She does not know Hindi but she sings the whole song. Now she is learning Gujrathi and Bengali also."
'Wow!' I said. 'Who is teaching her?'

'There's this boy in the competition who taught her some Bengali,' she said excitedly. ' And you know. He taught her some words and she did not know the meaning of those words. They meant 'I hate you'.
She giggled.

I instantly took the right side.
'Very bad. All bad words he taught her.'
Her voice came back instantly. Softly.
'But they are also words na.'

Yeah. Why judge? Why can't you see the fun part of it? Ok, ok.

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