Friday, July 24, 2015

Anjali - Soft Drinks and Strength

Anjali's school has been rather clear about 'good food' and 'bad food' from the beginning. So for Anjali, soft drinks etc are categorised into 'bad food' along with the usual suspects. When she was perhaps three or four we used to hear a lot about 'bad food' when she saw chocolates and chips etc (which didn't really stop her from eating them). These days we don't hear much about them.

Today we were watching a TV commercial. A Bollywood superstar was driving a jeep along with his friends and they are picking up courage to do something really brave. Like driving through an approaching sandstorm. Then one of them produces the magic potion for courage and strength in a green bottle and they drink it and the next moment they go through the sand storm and arrive safely on the other side.
There was a moment's silence.

'As if soft drinks will give them strength,' said she.
I nodded.
'They actually take away your strength,' she added.
I nodded again.
'Just imagine how many children must be seeing this and thinking they will get strength,' she pondered.
I nodded.
'They do anything,' she said, disgusted with the whole idea.

Yeah. Wonder why we put up with this stuff when even a child can see through this. I think I should ask her what she thinks of some other ads.

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