Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Experiments With Compliments

So I fixed myself a target of complimenting five people yesterday. I managed only two and they were easy targets. The other three never appeared. What I mean is that the people appeared but I had no compliments to give.

No wait! I did compliment three people yesterday. No wait, I did four!!
This tree that shed lovely pink flowers

(I suddenly realised that I left myself out. Correction to be carried out to day.)

Of course it made me feel good when I complimented people. They also felt good.
Shifts energy. It's growth stuff - outside the comfort zone. More importantly, hug the ego stuff.

But it also made me aware of how difficult it is to let go of the ego and wholeheartedly compliment. Like I was telling a friend 'I don't mind pushing the envelope with outright flattery because I do want to be there - even being outrageously insincere. On the edge of little lies.' Who knows little lies may
be what the world needs. What's to say that a poet is not a little liar, pushing the envelope with his grand notions, broad sweeps and bold interpretations? All that makes us feel good.

Target 5
Today I hope to achieve my target of complimenting five people and at this rate slowly get into the habit of complimenting people.

Stuck space and energy
I understand what this means though - my current inability or reluctance to compliment (even when i want to). It only means that I can see no good within, no fun within. To correct that mindset is the main aim now, so the space inside is flowing and clean, fun and flexible. Inside out is best, but then outside in also works (fake it till you make it!) hence the experiment of complimenting others while complimenting myself. Go, go.

Exercise material
I always encourage friends and family to  do things outside their comfort zone as a growth exercise. One thing I suggest to students is the compliment exercise. But now I realise that even if they all did one compliment a day for the next 21 days, its still a great growth exercise.

Possible outcomes
Two possible results of the shift in yesterday's energy. I got two unexpected, inbound calls that were good for my self-worth. Energy shifts towards the positive are always good.

More tomorrow. While at this complimenting business, I cannot but compliment you for your patience and your support as you read this blog through seasons lean and fat, moods on and off. I would also like to compliment you on your fine taste (but then I would be complimenting myself!)


Rajendra said...

I will return the compliment. I came into blogging because you asked me to, and it's been a joyride!

Harimohan said...

Thanks Raja. I also think you should unveil the huge collection of jokes you have on the blog. I have the manuscript.

Rajendra said...

please send it across. I seem to have misplaced it..will do.