Friday, July 24, 2015

The Auto Driver Guitarist - I Don't Know Why But Worth a Watch

I am sure that most may have seen this on fb. But I would still like to share it (and keep it).

I don't know why. Perhaps it reminds me of stuff we were, stuff we could have become, stuff we still are. I must confess there was a time after my engineering days that I wanted to become a taxi driver. In fact there is a character in my first book who is like that.

When you watch the gentleman play the guitar you realise that nothing's wrong with life. It's not that we all need to be Jimmy Hendricks or Rehman. It's enough to be us.

It's enough that we can pick up the guitar and play it when we want to. It's perfect exactly as it is.

Anything else in that setting will taint that spirit.

And it might help to remember that everyone we meet carries this magic!

One more thing - what the gentleman says about the guitar will probably hold good for anything - "don't give up on the guitar and the guitar won't give up on you".

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