Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thought for the Day - Flattery, Little Lies and Ego

Trouble complimenting someone? Looking for perfection before you say something nice to someone? Does the moment have to surpass all previous moments to qualify for a compliment?

Chances are you are like most (at least like me) if you are like that. Critical observer. Guardian of the truth (and only the truth). The self-righteous. (The truth could also be that you are stuck in a critical world where you cannot see good in anything. Or in many things.)
Oh what a beautiful world! 
Such critical thinking can pretty much result in one sort of reality - an unhappy world that falls short of expectation always (i.e. no fun, no celebration). A world that's not aligned to your exacting standards. People, behavior, rules, reality, laws - everything is not up to your standards.

A change of perspective could change the energy fellows.

Let's loosen our exacting standards a bit. Let's keep our egos aside and compliment even those that are below par for us. Let us flatter people for a lark. Let us tell little lies (like Fleetwood Mac once encouraged us to). What happens.

People feel good. At least temporarily. Then they come back. They want to come back to places where they feel good right? They will come back to you! They cannot get enough of you!!

The condition? We only have to keep our ego aside for a while and playact. (But who wants people to feel good? It will make me feel bad won't it?)

Look at people around you. Look at the flatterers, the little liars, these are the ones who have no egos. They are faring better than the others with the money, the women, the fame, the success. They are having fun. They are flexible, creative mischievous. On the other hand, the guardians of truth, the stiff upper lip, the big ego guys are alone. No fun in their space. Its all about being right.

Let go of the ego boss. It's ok. Flatter someone just for the heck of it. Remember your ego is the one that's stopping you from doing it. Start with the first five people you meet - one little compliment. Go on - do it. Go on. 

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