Friday, July 24, 2015

Anjali - Make Someone Happy Game

While going to school Anjali saw a couple of school buses pass by with school children peering out of the windows and remembered something.
'You know,' she said animatedly. 'Last year when Samaira and I were together in the bus we used to play a game.'
'What game?' I asked.
'How to make people happy,' she said.

Sounded interesting.
'How?' I asked.
'We wave at uncles and aunties who are on the road. They will be all serious till then and when they see us waving they smile. Whoever makes more people happy wins.'

Nice game. May I could try it too.

I pulled her leg.
'Why don't you make me happy?' I asked all serious.
She smiled shyly and did not know what to say.

'No I was just joking,' I said. 'You make me the happiest person in the world.'
She smiled. I smiled.

The world is a happy place.

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