Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thought for the Day - We Can Do 10X Right Now, If We Own Our Lives

We are, as we are now, capable of 10x results if we own our lives. By own, I mean that if we can apply ourselves fully to what is at hand we get results that are 10x. Now. Which means being fully involved in what we are doing.

What is owning stuff?
Its feeling that its our own. Its merging your energies into what is at hand, the work at hand. It's being total there. What warrants such commitment? Pure love for oneself. for one's work. After all our work is the true reflection of what we are.

How to own things?
First, decide on what you want to own. Something 10x of what's happening at work or some private project. Once you experience the click in your head, that you have locked into the reality you want, know that it is already done. Now that its done, work backwards to remove all the obstacles that might come in the way of your outcome coming true.

Done. 10 x is just the beginning.

Now do 10x of 10x.

Just a thought. You can also do 10x of nothing if you wish.

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