Thursday, May 28, 2015

Being John Malkovich - Movie Review

An unsuccessful puppeteer who needs work, applies for the job of a clerk - nimble fingers are a must. He goes to the 7 and a 1/2 floor of this building with low ceilings (it's half a floor) and gets the job. He meets this attractive woman and falls for her. He also finds a portal that leads him into - you guessed it - famous actor John Malkovich's head. After a while inside JM's head, he is ejected and falls by the side of a highway. He discloses this to the girl at office who thinks of making it into a commercial proposition (sell the 15 minutes in JM's head for 200 dollars and people are queuing up for that). He also tells his wife who wants to get into JM's head too.

Now the puppeteer's wife takes a fancy to the attractive partner of her husband, her husband has taken a fancy for his partner too and the partner has lesbian feelings for the wife. And between them all they have this portal that leads to JM. They start using JM to fulfill their fantasies with one another through JMs body. But then JM himself is a vessel for Lester, the guy who hired the puppeteer. A baby is conceived by the partner through JM when the wife is in his head because - she loves her. I will not even try to get into what happens next as many old people try to extend their lives through the JM portal and such other stuff.

John Cusack, Cameron Diaz make up the husband and wife team. Crazy. Three nominations at the Academy Awards. The most bizarre story I ever heard of and saw in a movie. How did they make this movie?

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