Thursday, May 28, 2015

Margarita With a Straw - Movie Review

Young girl with cerebral palsy (movement disorder) encounters her rebellious side and her romantic and sexual feelings. She falls in love with the lead singer of the band in Delhi University (she is the lyric writer and music composer) but finds herself rejected.

She goes to New York for a course and falls in love with a young man assigned to her. And with a blind girl whom she meets and stays with. And she discovers she is bisexual. In many ways you cannot help feeling jealous of this wheelchair bound girl who is actually finding more love, romance and sex than most. Back to India and we find that not everyone is ready to accept certain things. Kalki is brilliant as Laila. So is Sayani Gupta as Khanum, the jealous, domineering lesbian lover.
Nice song 'Dusokute'.

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