Saturday, May 23, 2015

Book Launch - Chanakya in You

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai studied Chanakya's 'Arthashastra' as a young man in a gurukul fashion from a master. In many ways he applied his knowledge of Chanakya's principles in his life and has devoted himself to spreading this knowledge through his books, writings, workshops and speeches. After writing two bestsellers 'Corporate Chanakya' and 'Chanakya's 7 Secrets of Leadership' he has now launched his first work of fiction 'Chanakya in You'.

I was invited to speak with him on the occasion of the launch at Hyderabad at Landmark Bookstore, Somajiguda, May 23, 2015, 6 pm. Radha is a young man of 40, full of energy and fun, a large infectious smile, many easy anecdotes and a transparent demeanour. The moment I met him I asked him - how do you write a bestseller? He smiled and gave me an answer that he gave in his book - I first write the book and then make it a bestseller.
Hyderabad launch 2015

'How do you make it a bestseller?' I persisted.
'I do activities around it,' he said.

I really got what he was saying when he said this while interacting with the audience.

'I am doing 100 events,' he said. 'This is my fourth. I will be speaking in colleges, corporates and other audiences.' Wow! And I did two!

That apart Radha backs his marketing effort. Book launches, talks, workshops - he seizes every opportunity to market the book. 'I spent a long time deciding on the book cover,' he said. 'We looked at over 350 designs before deciding on this one.'
Chanakya Series and 50 Not Out
Radha spoke eloquently on why he wrote the book, why he thinks it can reach out and influence many people, how much of this book s about wealth creation and many more aspects of his writing. To my question on whether he was the leading expert on Chanakya this is what he said. 'Many say I am the expert on Chanakya but obviously there are many more much better than me,' he said. 'The gurus who taught me are far more knowledgeable.'
The audience and the press
'We Indians feel guilty about having money. It is not a bad thing.'

'It's also wonderful to see how many Indian writers we have these days. Everyone should write a book.'

'Chanakya has been misunderstood. It's a work full of principles to live our life well.' 

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