Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thought for the Day - Acts of Faith

We all need these acts of faith to keep us going once in a while. These acts cannot be justified, quantified. They have to be done for one thing - faith.

They are the small promises - made, not made. They are the ones that will shore up faith. They are the acts, gestures, words that make a person smile inside, make a person feel special, feel worth it.

The journey is always about reaching out from one heart to another - from one heart that finds a capacity to share from within its reserves to another that is fast losing faith. Its not about thousands of miles, about money, about poetry. Its about that little extra thoughtfulness that makes you want to restore the balance of faith in another life.

It could make all the difference. How many acts of faith have you received? How many have you done?

Intent is one thing. Acts, another.

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