Thursday, May 21, 2015

Anjali - Money Will Come, Money Will Go

I was trying to engage Anjali one fine morning on the vacation in Pune.
‘Shall we go to the mall tomorrow morning?’ I asked tentatively.
‘Yes!’ she jumped up. ‘Yes, yes.’
I was apprehensive at her enthusiasm.

‘Why are you so happy?’ I asked. ‘So you can buy things there?’
She made a face and shrugged her shoulders.
‘Yes, we can buy things. Food, toys, things..’
‘Ah my money will go,’ I said.

She shrugged.
‘So what? Money will go. Things will come.’

I wish I had that bit of wisdom when I was younger. Now I read the Tao of Abundance and understand that money is about circulation. 

It makes perfect sense.

Money will go and things will come. Keep the flow going. Don't stop the flow.

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