Monday, May 25, 2015

Shamitabh - Movie Review

Young lad Daanish, with speaking disability, but great desire to act - and he can act - wants to be a star. Supportive Assistant Director (girl) likes his intensity and helps him. She finds a technology where another person can be his 'voice'. Enter Amitabh, an alcoholic vagrant with a deep voice who lives in a graveyard. The new persona is called Shamitabh - from Danish and Amitabh.

Success is guaranteed. Acting and voice become famous. Egos arise - voice or the body - but one cannot survive without another. Can they make peace and continue or will they give in to the ego and self-destruct?

Interesting - the movie was not really - but the idea of how we are so inseparably bound to the world but still try to break away and damage ourselves.

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