Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thought for the Day - What To Focus Energy On

In most cases I find that all we need to worry about is the present moment. What is in the present moment is really what is around you - in the area of your influence or more precisely, in the area of your work. Its like a small circle that is around you, not farther than you can see.
Cricket ground in Bangalore
Most times if we keep our focus on this area and stick to what needs to be done, life goes on smoothly. It is the needless philosophising, the pointless worrying, the extra thinking about things beyond that circle that gets you worked up a bit.

The farther you see, the more you think of what could be. The more you think of what could be, the more you feel helpless because you cannot do anything about it anyway. More helplessness, more worry, more unhappiness. The result - even the work that could be done does not get done.

Be aware of that circle around you. Stay balanced in that. Do work within that. Work gets done. Worry disappears. Along the way if something turns up, its a wonderful surprise.

Its the perfect recipe for happiness. For success. Nothing more, nothing less.


Marla Nargundkar said...

Great thoughts for keeping us grounded in the moment.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Marla. I actually visualise it like a small circle not longer than a handsweep away. My area of control. My kingdom.