Thursday, March 12, 2015

Invincible Thinking - Ryoho Okawa

Ryoho Okawa is a Japanese guru and is the President of the Happy Science Institute. This booklet is a compilation of four of his lectures. Invincible thinking is a philosophy containing the power to achieve true victory in life.  He says the book will guarantee that the reader clearly visualises a path to success opening up.

No such thing happened to me, but I know that it is because I am not yet ready. However some of the ideas are interesting. The book is divided into four parts - The Source of Invincibility, Revolutionising your perspective, Life and victory and the Power of Invincible Thinking.

In the first part he discusses the qualities required of a leader - to be able to see into the future, to make followers believe that they have a bright future if they follow and have enough past achievements to convince people of your standing. Self-reflection in times of illness and distress is essential he says because it is meant to be a time to sit back and reflect. Here he talks of leaders who feel that they are so important and drive everyone up the wall and who suddenly find to their shock that the work is actually going on better when they are not around. Similarly trials and setbacks are necessary for spiritual growth and we can learn all we can from our ordeals. Invincible thinking is not for those who want to live a life of excuses - one must not attribute their hardships to others, accept what comes their way, find lessons in adversity and never rely on the support of others. . Determination and will power are the keys that open up paths - look at the qualities that people admired about you from your childhood, your hidden abilities. Devise ways to become invincible (when there are physical limitations use wisdom). transcending individual limitation, the two secrets of achieving success (finding demand and thinking about further development after initial success) and finally how financial strength provides the power to overcome difficulties. He says if you earned ten times your present income, eighty percent of your problems would disappear.

In the second part he discusses how to revolutionise your perspective by creating new ideas - change your outlook and look for new possibilities without approaching life with preconceived notions. Finding a third alternative when faced with two choices. Thinking in the opposite way to create positiveness - instead of finding limitations in the situation, see how you could transcend it by approaching it from the opposite side. He suggests that if you do more at one time, it would leave you free for yourself. I believe a lot in this though I cannot always do it., there is some story here. How to use failure as a springboard - he says nothing in your life is wasted so see how you can use your failures as your lessons and springboards. There is no waste in the world created by god. How to confront your karma with a positive attitude and give it your best shot. How people assess you differently - in things that you see negatively about yourself, see some positive. Life can be extended through effort - he says plan to live for a hundred and twenty and things will become clearer to you.

In the third part where he deals with life and victory we discuss how to live a healthy life (how physical conditions restricts the mind, how to control your physical body, the relationship between the body and the mind). He says how we are all spiritual beings in a human body. He talks of the  creation of wealth and using wealth as a means of happiness for a greater number of people. The three basic principles for the creation of wealth are - frugality, knowing how to use it and making it earn. Expect to meet the 'noble person' - those whose encounters help you emit light - but you must seek these people and expect that they come into your life.  These are encounters that will change your destiny. When you listen humbly to what you are told you are being humble and understand that it was not you alone but many others who have contributed to this journey of yours. Always be grateful he says, in the good and the bad. Live with integrity and leave it behind as a spiritual legacy he says.

In part four which deals with the power of invincible thinking he links self reflection to progress. He says we are here to grow, and that setbacks are ways that help us grow. As we handle setbacks positively and grow, we soon come to a stage when we can help not only ourselves, but many others. In fact he says, you can create large and positive undertakings. transforming difficulties into strength for your soul. Being the master of your own time - keeping time under your control or using this resource well to grow continuously. Think like a long distance runner and pace yourself. Prepare for the next step instead of waiting for luck, and when condition are favorable sow the seeds of love. aim for one goal higher, think flexibly to turn difficulty to your advantage.

 The book has nice words of wisdom. It stretches normal thinking into invincible thinking - using wisdom to grow, to push limits, to think of wealth, health etc in perspective. It talks of growth mindset mostly. Its told in a very rudimentary way but packs enough stuff to make a difference. I agree with all he says.

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