Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Moment of Bliss - The Perfect Feedback

When you write, you have an idea you wish to convey to the reader. Sometimes the idea gets lost due to bad writing, bad reading? and / or some other factors. But the one thing that I have always cherished is the kind of feedback that makes you go YES, that's exactly what I hoped would be the takeaway for the reader. One such brilliant moment happened the other day when I got a mail from my friend Srini Raju. 

Raju and I worked in Bharath Petroleum way back in the 1990s. He loved his cricket and when I saw him bowl faster than me and more penetratively with a tennis ball, I knew he was a serious talent who never got its opportunities. If he had pursued the game, and got the right exposure, Raju would certainly have reached a high standard of the game. 

After a two decade hiatus he came back into my life when he visited Hyderabad last year. Now a very successful professional,  Director of a large petroleum company in the Middle East. We met and I gave him my books.

This is what he had to say after he read 'The Men Within' in a mail he sent me last week.

"I wanted to share one event with you.. I read your book ( I rarely read novels ) and it inspired me
to take up captaincy. I retired from Cricket captaincy almost a decade ago. I just wanted to be a 
senior contributor to the team.

We have an annual cricket championship in our company (400 people) and we form 4 teams
including management, staff, workers and cleaners etc..We play league and the top two teams play finals ( T20 ).

We played the tournament this year as well.

After initial selections etc, I got the weakest team and your book really inspired to me take this as a leadership lesson and implement it.

You won't believe it, we won the cup to everyone's surprise. I am not saying that this would always
happen, but I am sure leadership and teamwork is critical and you nailed it in your book. - Srini Raju' 

This is the perfect ratification. It is also a moment of pure bliss. Thanks Raju for sharing.

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