Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cracking the Code - Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap

Ayushmann Khurrana is a known name. Most of us have watched 'Vicky Donor' and appreciated this earnest young man who also sang the beautiful 'Paani da Rang'. Ayushmann has many other talents and achievements too - he won reality shows, was a popular RJ, VJ, host etc before he became an actor/singer. He has in a way made it' though its still early days.

The book is an autobiographical journey of his tryst with Bollywood. Through the book Ayushmann tries to help all those who are trying to break into Bollywood by giving them an honest picture of what happens in this journey, how he prepared for it, how he balanced his studies (he did his Mass Communication from Chandigarh) and his dreams, how his family supported him etc. While putting together his story with utmost sincerity, he shares his nuggets of wisdom, or rather principles that seem to have guided him, on the path. They make good reading and surely can be followed in any field where one is searching for excellence.

Ayushmann comes across as one who has a balanced head on his shoulders, as one who lives by certain principles, one with a good work ethic, one who believes in the power of preparation, in his instinct, in having fun and in being a learner of the craft. Despite his tryst with fame, he went back and assisted in the making of Madras Cafe to understand the nuances of film making and this is the kind of stuff that sets him and his desire to learn apart.

A gist of his codes.

  • Value relationships. Be real.
  • Recognise the path that life has charted out for you. Do it within a time frame.
  • Never let go of an opportunity - give 100% at least once.
  • Be receptive to what life has to offer. Say yes and accept what it gives.
  • Again - never let go of an opportunity.
  • No point being one of the many. Rise above the rest. Hold your ground. Let your work speak for you. Strive for excellence.
  • No permanent friends or enemies - only permanent enemies.
  • Again, give your best to whatever opportunity you get. even the smallest ones.
  • Aspire for the next thing when you think you deserve it. Only after outgrowing your current level should you aspire for the next level.
  • Critics are your best friends. They bring out the best in you. Never shun them.
  • They will aid your growth.
  • Push yourself and avoid being stagnant. Sometimes make choices out of your comfort zone.
  • Learn from other people's experiences.
  • Sometimes you don't get an opportunity as there is a better one waiting for you.
  • Patience and wisdom helps.
  • Be at peace with your emotional side.

Ok, so you can't just hope to be star if you are part of a reality show. Or even the winner. Or whatever. What I liked about his book is this part that comes across - Ayushmann has done much in his young life. But then we don't know much of him except as the guy who worked in 'Vicky Donor' and the singer of 'Paani da rang'. I don't know of his life, his struggles, his scandals. Though he may feel the whole world knows certain things, we don't really. Nor do we care about his scandals if they ever happened (his man servant's death). Somehow those parts don't register much. What does however, is good work and he does that. I like his attitude of rehearsing, his dedication to work, his balanced outlook to life, his commitment to music, his wife Tahira who wrote this book with him.

It's an easy read and fun to peek into his mind. He has written it with a purpose and achieves it. Worth a read for anyone aspiring for careers in Bollywood. And for the rest of us to appreciate what goes on behind the screen. Good luck Ayushmann. Continue having fun, making fine movies, entertaining and making the world a better place. And as you would say Ayushmann bhava.

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