Friday, March 6, 2015

Thought for the Day - The Link Between My Consciousness, Gardening and My Life

Or how to improve my consciousness:
If I can make my consciousness fertile, using the fertiliser of no thought (and thereby giving us a chance to escape my own depraved and egoistic thoughts and seriously giving me a real chance), I can perhaps attract what is the highest good for me. Simply put, I have to get out of the way to be who I can be.

My thoughts are creative. They fertilise my consciousness. What my thoughts focus on grows, and populates my mind. They attract similar stuff.

Negative thinking patterns create a downward spiral. Creative thoughts, where you create positive thoughts, create upward spirals.

That said, it is not easy to see or focus on what we want, especially if we have trained our minds to think negatively. It is scary and burdensome.

So for a start I suggest that we get out of the way. I mean, get the negative thoughts out and get into neutral space. No thought. Remove barriers first and then create.
So no thought it is for now.

It means that I do not paint bad scenarios, criticize, blame, be self-critical, be cynical etc. (I have a friend who is constantly talking about how everything is bad - education, talent, values, intelligence etc - and guess what, he gets it in abundance.) I tell him to not talk about it. But he cannot stop himself. From scary, critical, insecure thoughts to no thought is first step.

From that space, it is automatic that we progress to creative. Nature abhors a vacuum they say. In the absence of fear, criticism, blame, lack of space we can see creative thoughts flowing in. We have a consciousness that is fertile.

That is a creative life.

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