Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life's little pleasures

So I got a few pictures. One from AP who sent me a photo taken in Walden bookstore. Ah!
50 Not Out reigns at Walden Book Store, Hyderabad
Jostling for space in the top was the hardy 50 Not Out! which is trying to find its place in the sun.

Then, young friend Sunil Shivasale from Bangalore sent me pics of the Bangalore event. One picture I liked in this was the one of me and young Santosh Shobhan, the young boy who played Gautam's part so admirably in Golconda High School. He came, smiling as usual, handsome as ever, wry humour in place. he poked fun at my phone which he asked me to replace pronto, told me about his course which combines literature, theatre and mass communication, about how he felt his acting has improved. Unlike most kids he came alone, attended the program ad left. I have great expectations from both he and his brother Sangeet, who is also a fine fine actor.
Santosh Shobhan aka Gautam of GHS and me
And there were pics too of the way Sapna Book House made arrangements for the book event.
50 Not Out!
  Most bookstores pride themselves on the way they put books on display during book events. its quite fascinating really. Some of them do make a pretty sight as well. Here's what Sapna came up with - a house of cards version!
The dais

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