Saturday, March 7, 2015

All The King's Men - Movie Review

The 1949 classic is based on a Pulitzer prize winning novel of the same name. The story is that of a small town idealist, a good samaritan, who wishes to do good to society. Being one of them, a naive and innocent chap with only good intentions and commitment to lead a change, Willie Stark sets off on his journey. Its a bit like watching Arvind Kejriwal and AAP - the idealists trying to take on seasoned politicians. Only here with Arvind Kejriwal the story has just begun and he can watch out for the pitfalls.

But the path is not easy and it takes its toll on Willie. He compromises on his path and though he is able to fool the public, finds that he is losing respect and love at home. Told from the eyes of an idealistic journalist the story takes many twists and turns - love, loss - but holds true to a linear narrative. But its packed with stuff - you can't help but stay riveted to the screen. Powerful writing. I can't forget the story just like I won't be able to forget a similar movie called 'Mr.Smith goes to Washington' also about a rookie politician.

Lovely piece of work. Why can't they make movies like that? Simple, direct and clear. And great storytelling. They are not joking when they say its a great motion picture.

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