Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Cricket Lessons - Bowl With a Tennis Ball to get the Biomechanics Right

We did not bowl with the tennis ball because of the bio mechanics as much. Tarun had not played for a long time and we did not want to risk injury. So we bowled with a tennis ball instead of a cricket ball. The difference was good enough to warrant a lesson.

Firstly we realised that our actions, finishes etc were not being done properly. How did we figure that out? The result of course. The tennis ball was just not travelling enough nor posing any sort of danger. We were completely ineffective.

After a few balls however we started to make adjustments because it was too embarrassing to not have the ball pose any problem to the batsmen, to drag the ball down and be slapped about like some school boy bowler. The actions started getting tighter, wrists started coming into action, the finish became more powerful and purposeful. The ball was finally doing something and causing problems.

When we went back to the cricket ball, it took a couple of balls to reorient but the effect was far better. The ball zipped, swung and cut.

Nothing like an acid test like this to know if you are doing all the basics right. We made all the bowlers bowl for a while with tennis balls. It was a good experience.  

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