Friday, March 6, 2015

Flirting With Disaster - Movie Review

Why I have this movie with me and where I got it from I don't know but on the third attempt, it got off. I mean until then, I could not figure out what it was really about and stopped it some 20 minutes into the show. But then there's Ben Stiller and some kids and adoptions etc so I guessed it must be funny. However, one must note, I never laughed even once in the movie.

Ben Stiller has neurotic parents who adopted him. He is neurotic too, has a neurotic wife and a child. Ben wants to find his real parents and the adoption agency seems to have zeroed in on them. They send an attractive but dumb researcher along to help the young couple along in their endeavour. So we meet wrong parents, meet people who attract and distract the couple and finally find the parents who are - neurotic, drug addicts and all sorts of stuff. Throw in a couple of gay cops and we have it all.

Certainly flirting with disaster if you're watching this one. 

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