Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Bangalore Launch - Pics

The Bangalore launch in pics - provided by my young friends Sunil Shivasale and Chokappan. Thanks guys.

The Sapna Book House on Residency Road is perhaps one of the larger bookstores which is accessible from all parts of Bangalore. It comes upon you as you go down Brigade Road and turn left - you can see it across the road from Pub World.

The event was scheduled for 6. I reached the bookstore early with Nisha and Akshar, by 515 or so. Met Sreevatsa and his team from Jaico, the Sapna Book House people, Debosmita who was in charge of proceedings. I met young Santosh Shobhan who is pursuing his ug course in English Lit-Theatre-Mass Comm at Christ College. He is of course Captain Gautam from Golconda High School and looks more assured and more debonair than before. Sridhar Narayan and his friends, Rajju (Ravi Ramarapu), Giri, Unni and his wife,  Diwakar, Ram Mohan (Infosys), Narayan and his wife, Sunil Shivasale and his cousins and aunt, Chokappan, Madhu (BEML, fast bowler), Anita Raj Narayan (dear friend), Srinivas Babu, Puppy and Hari Rao from Osmania MBA, and many more dear friends.
Guest of Honor, Writer Anita Nair speaks first
 Rashid Mohsin with whom I played Vizzy Trophy cricket arrived with Srinath at about 545 and Anita came by soon after. We started the program by 605. Much of the press contingent had already arrived by then. Sudeshna Shome Ghosh and Keerti Ramachandra were there from the literary side.
I hold forth
Chief Guest Javagal Srinath speaks

Book is launched in Bangalore!
I stayed back to meet and chat with friends whom I was meeting after a long time. Sapna gifted us copies of Pitch it Right which is similar in tone to 50 Not Out! but more detailed and corporate oriented.

Thank you all for making it so wonderful.

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