Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thought For The Day - Unlock The Magic

It struck me today that in every moment there lies a delicious opportunity. An opportunity to unlock magic in that moment. All we need is to be aware, to seek, to look for that magic in the moment and bring in the glitter, the twinkle, the star dust into otherwise humdrum lives.
A rather puzzled Mr. Guava (one of those inspirations)

It is one of the most powerful thoughts I have ever been seized by in a long time. One of those things you can't wait to live. Why is this powerful? For one, this thought is creative because it urges to look for ways to unlock a hidden magic in the situation. It is proactive because you are looking to act first, not react - and even if you do react you are still looking to create magic, the highest potential of the situation. Third, it is made of all things nice and fun, because one can only think of creating magic with a kind, fun and love filled heart. It certainly makes me look forward to each moment with a new enthusiasm. What can I do with this moment? How can I unlock the magic that exists within it? See what happened to the peels of Mr. Guava - instead of adorning the trash basket he did come good with some magic in his dying moments - with the tiniest of his leftover peels.
Brilliant sunlight

It could be a thought, a word, a smile, a touch - anything that can slide between the folds of a seemingly ordinary moment and unlock all the magic that it has been holding within it. All the potential within it. Isn't it lovely? It's got me in a total tizzy. And I never felt so good about my own power before. I think this is what true creative living is about. What do you think?

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