Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Bruges - Movie Review

Fantastic stuff. I loved it. There's not a moment when you feel you know what's going to happen and its the weirdest plot, the most original of characters and motives. And its dark comedy which I love. Super stuff.

Two hit men are sent to Bruges (where's that?) in Belgium, by their boss. One older, Ken (Brendan Gleeson), and Ray (Colin Farell), a new recruit who has just botched his first attempt at murder, killing  a little boy by accident. He is completely remorseful and has turned suicidal. The older man consoles him and comforts him but not for too long - the boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) wants Ray dead. It's a matter of principle you see - cannot kill small children. But the younger hit man had found some love in Bruges (a town he finds unbelievably boring) a drug dealer with a psycho boyfriend. She is peddling stuff to a movie being shot in Bruges - to an American midget.

Ken goes to kill Ray, finds him committing suicide, and stops him. He sends him off, confesses to Harry that he has flouted the orders and is willing to die. Harry comes to Bruges to find and kill Ken and ends up in the end killing the midget who he thinks is a little boy too. Will he kill himself on principle?

Brilliant, brilliant stuff and wonderful screenplay. The way he introduces the two hit men, their back stories, their inner feelings, the principles of their boss and the irony of the entire thing is fabulous. Must watch.

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