Monday, September 2, 2013

Anjali - Art of Gratitude

Once again a knock on the head. Ever since my barber for the last three decades passed away last year, I have been on the quest to find a suitable and convenient replacement. Not having found one who fit my exacting requirements (i.e. my old barber), I have been complaining, cribbing since then. The saloon near my home does a fair job but unfortunately they get the most of my cribbing.

But I went there again last week and got my hair cut. On my return I showed the new development to Anjali and asked her how she liked it. She is never one not to like anything (except vegetables) so she enthusiastically said "It's very nice nanna. It's looking good." I nodded, skeptically.

Sensing the despondent mood and my persistent unhappiness perhaps, she shot off the next question. "Did you thank the barber?" That got me started. Frankly, that was the last thing on my mind. Though he had done a good job, I must admit grudgingly, I was still caught up in my drama of not finding the right barber.

She was not done.
"You could not have got your hair cut without him na? You should thank him," came the whack on the head.

How many times do we ignore these things in our lives? Taking the small things for granted and not expressing our gratitude for that. I silently sent my thanks to the barber who had done a good job. And a not-so-silent thanks to Anjali who was already busy doing something else.


Rajendra said...

She is right.

Harimohan said...

Ha, so I realised Raja. They seem to have the most clarity.