Monday, September 16, 2013

The Graph Is Up - India Today

As I write this the graph is up in India today. The petrol prices are at an all time high (in Hyderabad we pay Rs. 83.70 or something like that). Onion prices are also high (they are offering separate onion salads in restaurants for the affluent). Prices of electricity is up (never paid so much in my life thanks to all the new power projects we have I suppose).

Fruits and groceries as well (don't ask). Number of vehicles on road is up and so is pollution. Number of people is up. Number of hospitals is up and so are patients. Number of credit cards are up and so are the chaps who owe everything to the cc companies. Movies are all doing 100 crore plus. BCCI is earning tonnes. The crime rate is up as well. TRPs are up.

NPAs in banks are up. Defaulters are up. Number of projects funded by bribes are up. Number of projects with overruns is up. Subsidies are up. Cases in courts are up. Maybe even divorce rates are up. Bills are up. Number of crooks in politics is up. Number of people whose sentiments are getting hurt are up. Number of people in pandals are up. Number of pandals are up. Generally its a rosy picture. Well done sirs and madams - we have done it.

When was the last time we heard of words like unemployment, corruption, education, health? Not in the near past. That's because the government has been able to knock that off by simply adding so much pressure on the people that they cannot think of useless things like the above mentioned. What use nara baazi if we are all in debt and have less and less to earn and more and more to spend?

At least we have a good graph to show. What are we cribbing about? If given a chance we would have statistics to prove that we are a happier nation than Bhutan.
Can't you see me smiling?

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