Friday, September 27, 2013

Fukrey - Movie Review

Nice and entertaining. I like these Delhi youngster type movies for their complete irreverence and ability to poke fun at themselves. This one has three story lines coming together to raise money - even if it involves gambling big time on luck and raising the stakes by bringing on a dangerous and foul mouthed gangster as a partner.

Two school students, Hunny and Choocha, who have been failing school for many years want to get into college to get themselves good looking girls. But they cannot get into college unless they bribe someone and get the question papers. One halwai shop youngster needs money to get into college to show his school girl friend who is now in college and is fast becoming an ex. One failed musician needs to get money to get his father treated. They decide that the best way to raise money is to back a wild scheme - Hunny will make bets in the illegal lotteries based on his interpretations of Choocha's crazy dreams which have never let them down and have always brought them a ten fold return so far. For financing their big ticket caper they get an even wilder gangster Richa Chadda, who finances it, but subject to conditions. The scheme flops and they owe the gangster 25 lakhs now. How the young gang of worthies manage to back themselves to do it is the rest of the story.

It is entertaining despite the rather predictable stories that our comedies have begun to resemble. Money making schemes, love angle, a gang that is after the same money and how the rookies get love, money and all in some weird turn of events. But if it is told well and with control over the characters and the story, it still works as it does with Fukrey. All the characters are credible, including some which appear rather needless, the situations are funny, the characters acted well - Hunny, Choocha, Lali the Sardar, Punjaban, police walla - and alls well and that ends well. I liked it. Money well spent.

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