Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anthaku Mundu, Aa Tharavatha - Movie Review

I find Mohana Krishna's works interesting. He is a thinking man and takes pride in his work and craft. He wants to tell a story and stick by it - not merely pander to 'popular' tastes. So when his new movie 'Antaku Mumnu, Aa Tharatha' hit the screens, I pencilled it down in the schedule.

I finally got to see it at Cinemax, Inorbit. Unfortunately Shobhs and I got the  first row seats so it was not very comfortable viewing. Next time, no more acts of desperation. It was not easy on the neck nor the ear, the eye nor the back.

It was an interesting theme - worthy of Mohan - the doubts and fears of unmarried couples about the 'real' experience of being married. Will I still love him or her when we are not on best behavior? So the two youngsters, Anil (Sumanth Ashwin), an MBA from a village seeking a modern girl who is the exact opposite of his mother, and Ananya (Eesha), a city bred girl who writes creative cards and does such other creative things, plan on living together as man-wife to experiment and find out. Points for that itself - gutsy decision. Good for you. Both have some baggage that they carry from their families - she has a quarrelsome couple of parents and he has no respect for his mother who he thinks is a village bumpkin. Anyway they live together and find out that - you cannot really judge a movie by the trailer.

The youngsters did a really good job I thought and handled some intense scenes well. The movie works. To me the good parts were the idea itself, Srinivasa Avasarala (is a class apart), the debutants themselves did a confident job, the many issues that were discussed and the one hugely dramatic scene in the end with the boy's mother. Made me realise that sometimes, however cliched, however needless, cinema is about drama, about getting under the skin of the audience and making them feel. So you have wet eyes even when you know you are being set up. But she was good all through, Rohini.

But the fact that relationships between youngsters has been explored differently, more honestly and certain perspectives shown, is well taken and appreciated. I could have easily done without the kid's angle which would have made the film easier. (Or was it the first seat that got to me?) Srinivas Avasarala was brilliant in his role - this boy is one to watch out for - and I saw Sagar in a scene, just as I saw his paintings adorning the house. Srini should have had a bigger role really to lighten up the mood.

The show was full on Ganesh Chaturthi day and the audience was certainly enjoying it. It's a story that poses certain uncomfortable questions, not just about love between the unmarried couple but about love between the married ones as well.

Certainly worth a watch and despite my nitpickings which I must say are purely technical, definitely way above the hundreds of dumb, crass, brainless flicks that get released in Telugu. In fact it could well make youngsters explore their more mature and intelligent sides - signs of which I am desperate to see.

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