Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Story Idea - Nature's Revenge

This should work as an animation story. How nature gets vengeful and hits back at those who are disrespecting it. The ones who respect nature survive in the end.

Hook: One fine day nature decides it has had enough of abuse and decides to go on strike.

Story: We show man abusing nature in the only fashion he can. It is not about need, it is about greed. When the balance tilts nature decides to go on strike. So everything shuts down one by one. Certain new diseases start afflicting the greedy. The things that normally get recycled don't, smog does not clear, sun gets too hot, air becomes thinner, water dries up faster - well things are not looking too rosy. How do we win nature back and how quickly? Do we sacrifice the greedy as some say, or do we simply sacrifice our greed? How do we show that our penitence is real? And does mother nature agree? 


Rajendra said...

good idea. Should work.

Harimohan said...

I seem to have a nice bunch of ideas. Short stories banao. I liked Maupassant's short stories - all about a page and a half and not much longer. Get the main idea across and get on with it.