Friday, June 17, 2011

Vision 2050 - Hilarious blog by Raja

Here's a great way to start the day. It is hilarious. I loved this blog by Raja a.k.a. Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar.

Good stuff Raja!


Rajendra said...

Thanks, Hari. Won't be around in 2050, but will try and say hello to Hugh up there!

Asr said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the vision. I have a few, if I am allowed to add here:

Salman will still not have a shirt to wear.
Sidhu will be commenting on his own commentry and his laughter will be much more louder.
More number of smaller groups will still be fighting for Telangana.
Folks who would have been part of Green revolution will get a meagre allowance.There will be neither greenary nor green revolution.
2-2 over matches will have more cheering time than the actual match. Post match analysis will go on for many no. of days

Harimohan said...

ASR, thanks for the additions. Nice list. 2-2 matches and post-match analysis for days was good fun. I can imagine that.

Rajendra said...

Agree on the commentary of 2-2 matches and on the neo-Sidhuisms.

Asr said...

Thank You Rajendra. Loved your post.