Thursday, June 30, 2011

Conforming - Where it All Begins

The first sign of conforming to a set order begins at school. Apart from the timings and other set routines, the most visible factor of conforming to the order of society is the school uniform. At one point or another, we all fall prey to this. Anjali resisted her uniform for several days and finally succumbed to a mix of bribery and trickery, subtle threats and some not so subtle ones - all that we see in civilized society outside.

Anyway she went to school wearing her shiny red frock and returned from school wearing her uniform - suitably bribed with a balloon. Better the ballooon than the stick and once again I must doff an imaginary hat for the teacher's at Daksha for not insisting on timeframes and in their own gentle ways, got Anjali to wear her uniform.

She looked quite happy when she returned to a huge ovation, cameras and all!

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