Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Landmark Experience

I don't know if it is to do only with the Landmark at Somajiguda, Hyderabad where I frequently drop in but I do have these little experiences that have made me a bit wary of the place now. Most things are to do with DVDs under discounts - one was to do with DVDs that were announced as a pack of 3 for Rs.199, and another with a DVD at a discounted price.

First I picked up one of the Moser Baer world cinema classics, Francois Truffaut's 'The Woman Next Door' which came at  slightly discounted price a couple of months ago. It had 'winner', 'nominee' written all over and an interesting story so I picked it up, saving it for a nice rainy day. But when I opened it yesterday to watch the movie, peeling away plastic covers and then the paper/cardboard cover, I found that it actually contained the DVD of Francois Truffaut's 'Two English Girls' inside (no mention of winner or nominee on this "...underrated ...masterpiece..". Somebody has obviously been careless enough at some end - either at Moser Baer or at Landmark but I am sure I would not have bought 'Two English Girls' if I had known.
"Two English Girls" peeping out of "The Woman Next Door" cover

Last month we picked up DVDs in the 3 for 199 scheme which had a few good ones. A 'Sound of Music' was a find. A Tintin was another. Unfortunately the 'Sound of Music' would not play as it had region issues, something which the salesman had assured was not an issue and that the DVD could be exchanged if there was a problem. I returned it to Landmark. The sales people protested saying that things under the scheme (3 for 199) cannot be exchanged. I asked them what I was to do with a DVD that would not play. I also asked them how much a 'Sound of Music' DVD costs in their regular list. It was something like 400 bucks. I asked them why the difference? That unless someone had figured out that this DVD had a region issue they would not have passed it off under this scheme? They looked angrily at me, disappointed at my nitpicking, and after a longish delay, during which they contacted some higher up for sanction to exchange, they allowed me to exchange it. But I had to wait. You see, you are not a priority any longer. You are in fact someone who is causing a problem. Anyway I waited and picked up a Rocky V this time.

The Tintin in the same scheme is also maimed. It has only one part i.e.e it ends halfway through the story. But now  I don't have the patience to go back and ask and complain. I watched the DVDs and promised to be a bit more careful when it comes to stuff in the schemes.

With big retail chains like Landmark one expects a bit more care when it comes to certain things. The Landmark sales staff is very polite and helpful. But I do wish whoever is putting up the stock in these schemes does a better job of it.You don't need too many bad experiences to start visiting another retail shop.

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