Monday, June 6, 2011

The Government Represents You

For all the self-righteous amongst us, this is a time for introspection. The government whether you accept it or not, represents us and our consciousness. We blame the government of corruption, inaction, furthering its own interests, using dishonest methods to get elected, to put down any questions raised against it, of favoritism, nepotism, red tape, of looting the nation, of inefficiency, of lack of will to set things right, of not being responsible - the list goes on and on.

Now, apply the same to yourself as an individual, as a member of the society with responsibilities. See how many of the above you clear. When was the last time you have been guilty of corruption, inaction, furthering your own interests at the cost of the poor, using dishonest methods to get ahead, to escape any questions raised against you, favoritism, nepotism, looting (situations where you can get away), inefficiency, lack of will to stet things right around you, being irresponsible - surprising isn't it? A lot of the items on the list will apply to you too.

This is exactly what the government represents - You! And the society around you!

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