Monday, June 6, 2011

Thought for the Day - An Anti-Corruption Thought

Let us say we are really serious about anti-corruption. Since almost everyone of us has been a victim of corruption, let us do the right thing. Let us decide to come clean on the times we had been corrupt and file complaints against those who had victimised us. Now that is a start is it not? Let us go en masse to the ACB office or whatever and file written complaints against all those who have forced us to be corrupt.

That will absolve us of the guilt, and will take things forward. An ACB bharo program. Let it start in every nook and corner, let the corrupt be identified and complaints filed against. Let each of the guilty parties i.e. the complainants, pay a fine of five rupees for every act of corruption they were party to (that would be five billion rupees and more!) and absolve them.

But somehow I suspect that there may not be too many people queuing up to complain. You would wonder why? Then, I ask all you chaps out there who are firing away as if you were saints at the government - why blame the government for doing what you do?

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