Friday, June 10, 2011

Thought for the Day - It's the Depth Stupid

So many times I wonder what is it that makes things more meaningful, why is it that certain people seem to have all the time in the world, how is it that certain things are done with love and care. Many times I wonder what it is that makes some people give everything to the moment.

Then a thought struck me that it is the depth of being in the moment that is important. It is being completely immersed in that moment that makes it so memorable. That gives it that quality of timelessness. That gives the maker a meditative quality.

It is the quality that makes the person take his/her eyes off the world, off the inconsequential distractions and interact purely with the environment. It is an act that must be practiced to make it all more meaningful, more deeper, more meditative, more creative. It is also the key to living in the moment.

It is worth practising - this adding depth to each moment we live. Each moment that we are aware. To sink into the glorious pleasure of that experience. To make each second come apart, to peel off each layers carefully. It can lead to a highly contented existence.


Prasanna Kumar said...

Hi Hari Sir,

Hope you are doing good. I am commenting after a long long time.

Very nice topic. But the surprising factor is this quality "depth of being in the moment" or "being in the zone" we see it everyday right in-front of us in our own house.

In your case may be Anjali show's that quality. :) ha ha., am I correct?

I think all kids have that quality, even tho they stay on the moment for a shorter periods of time.

One more incident where I say someone in the zone or depth of being in the moment was when I say Gautam Gambhir played that innings in McLean Park, Napier to draw that second test with New Zealand, where he played for 643 mins/436 balls to score just 137. It was a classical example of seeing someone in the zone.

Thanks for the wonder topic, as always u r writing is the best.


Harimohan said...

Hi Prasanna,
Nice to get a reaction to this topic. I like the idea and I find it very interesting. As with everything else, living life deeply is a choice and one that we can exercise every moment of our lives - by practice.
As you pointed out, children have a wonderful way of being deep in the moment - I see their concentration when they are watching or doing something that they like and you cannot disturb them at all until you physically do something (like switching off the television). But that is how it is with them - they just lose themselves in the moment, in the various things that seize them.
Gambhir's knock would certainly be one of those 'in the zone' moments. In fact most of Gambhir's knocks are that way I think. It is a feeling when you are willing to go the very end at whatever cost. It is wonderful.
It is also the stuff that champions practice. To be fully in the moment - be it cricket, relationships, reading or whatever (living). I was reading somewhere how Bill Clinton listens to anyone - the author describes it wonderfully and says he is fully there, making you feel like you are the only person in the world. It is something I am trying to do more consciously these days.