Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile Behavior - Intriguing and Amusing

One thing that I noticed is that mobile phones have brought out the smiles in the fairer sex. Wherever I see them, especially on the road, I find them smiling, talking away, draped in such an ecstatic mood that I sometimes wonder about their safety. So lost and happy do they seem that they wander about freely which is not a good thing on our roads.

The mobile phone has certainly given a great deal of security to the womenfolk in India and that is one of the best things that could have happened to them. A lady speaking on a mobile is not easy prey for our Majnu's who normally rely on shooting lustful looks, making idiotic comments, singing filmi songs and walking up and down to catch the lady's attention. Unfortunately with the lady speaking on the phone, Majnu's are a bit worried and back off from these tried and tested methods, because she might be talking to her Dad who might be in the police and giving accurate descriptions of them and their vehicles. SMSes and phone calls are a better bet for them.

The mobile phone also provides the women folk a lot of distraction in terms of listening to music, talking to friends and family and so on - and more importantly, while doing all this, not being bothered by all the trash that is said, looked, felt - from all the lecherous men going around. It always brings a smile to my face when I see them smiling and talking away on their phones. So happy in their little things.

One also wonders if they would be as happy if they were speaking to the person on the line in person. I am not s sure. They seem happier on the phone. Also one wonders if they speak to keep the dangers in the physical world away by getting a phone friend, who could turn out as dangerous. Phones are also dangerous because they let you say and hear things one cannot say in person. There seems to be a lot more intimacy started over the lines and air waves than there could ever be if phones were not there. But still, even if there were to be more phone affairs, it is still in the cause of love and one feels happy knowing that someone is feeling a divine emotion - in their ears at least. Maybe in a few ears the symbol of love could be the ear.

On the other hand men seem to be perpetually using their mobile phone to bite someone's head off. Most men I see have a sour and angry expression on their faces when they speak into their phones. They are either berating someone, giving gaalis, being curt and impolite or something like that. Maybe even with men the phone gives a great opportunity to let out the beast in them (as women have an opportunity to let out the love in them) which they have restrained. Maybe they can talk more and give more gaalis on the phone. I have not seen men smiling and being blissful as women with phones do. Actually if you ask me, from my observations, women seem to be smiling a lot more than men on the road even without phones. Men look thoughtful and angry on the road.

While women do not bother the phone too much by keeping it well ensconced in some safe place, men are constantly fiddling with the phone. Women have the phone connected to the headphones and are doing whatever they want to peacefully. Men meanwhile stare at the phone, punch at it, delete sms'es, put it in the pocket, take it out, take pictures, send sms'es and delete them, play music loudly, shout loudly into it. They cannot keep quiet and want to provoke the phone into doing something to them like performing .a belly dance or something

Women, as with most things in their life, seem to use the mobile phone for their personal pleasure and use and are least bothered about the rest of the world. Men on the other hand seem to be using the phone primarily to put up a public performance, looking all round to see if anyone has noticed them and their antics, shoving them in their ears and shoulders as they drive their cars and mobikes, yelling loudly into it and looking around to see if anyone noticed it, putting it on speaker phone so everyone can hear the conversation or the lousy music they are hearing, speaking into the mouthpiece and quickly transferring it to the ear as if they were some James Bond using some new invention M had given them.

Verdict. Take the phones off the men. Give all women phones. The world is a happier place.


Rajendra said...

I am cheesed off with mobile phones. The only men I hear talking (always too loudly) are sales men reporting to their bosses, or bosses scolding their minions. And the women are always on the phone and therefore not paying me any attention! That's a double cheese-off, like a double cheese-burger.

Harimohan said...

Raja, I agree. There seems to be more love for the phones than for people. People start missing their phones in just a few minutes and go frantic if they cannot find it. Can't see the reacting with the same frenzy when people are concerned. Gives me an idea - a love affair between a phone and a person told from the phones perspective! Sounds like a winner.