Wednesday, March 9, 2011

World Cup - Open For All

So right now it is pretty clear that on any given day any one can win any match in this World Cup. All we need to see now is who holds their nerve when it comes to the big matches - the knockout ones. So until then it is best we all relax and watch the matches without getting too excited and start making prophecies about who is going to win. I don't think anyone has the foggiest idea.

Yesterday's match of New Zealand and Pakistan was a pointer in that direction. 92 runs scored off 4 over! I cannot even imagine how anyone can do that. I saw some video footage of Ross Taylor swatting Shoiab Akhthar over the fence a few times as he did with other bowlers in that last minute rampage and then you know that nothing can be predicted. One innings like that will unhinge any campaign this World Cup and no one is safe. Just as Kevin O Brien proved the other day.

This World Cup could well be the Cup where brilliant individual performances could make the final difference!

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