Friday, March 4, 2011

Anjali - Nothing Is Impossible, No Task Is Too Big

As we grow older we seem to lose the ability to take on things. Things that appear big. Things that appear impossible. It is an attitude we cultivate as we grow up - of doubt, of limitation of not trying something. Of giving up even before we begin. Naturally we will never learn anything new. We try to fit every new thing into our known patterns and make do with that. We will never know if we would have enjoyed that process, if we would have been good at it. All because we never tried.

But children are not made of limitations and doubt. Which is why they grow so fast, they learn so fast and they enjoy their life to the fullest. They take on things much bigger than than their capabilities and by hook or crook, by sheer want to figure those things out, succeed. So it is that children are better at figuring out technology than adults - mainly because their minds are so flexible, so free of doubt and so limitless.
One of my favorites - Nothing Is Impossible
David versus Goliath

In the past few weeks I noticed Anjali venturing forth into newer areas, bigger areas. For a while now she insists on unlocking the lock on the door by herself - even in the dark - and now she does a faster job than us I am sure (we keep fumbling trying to find the keyhole). Another day I saw her trying to operate the CD player and quietly watched her. She went over, pressed the right button to open, yanked out the CD she wanted to watch, put it in and used the remote to play it. Pretty much by imitation.
Anjali moving the monster

Another day she was watching nursery rhymes on youtube. Since the break between her rhymes was longer than usual and she had not called me to change the rhyme I walked in to see what she was up to. The young lady was happily clicking the mouse on some link and watching the next rhyme. But what took the cake was the new exercise bike we got at home. Right from day one she was fascinated with it and would come and sit on it while I exercised. A couple of days ago I heard the beep the machine makes when someone starts working out. I noticed that the little one had somehow climbed on to it and was valiantly rowing-pedaling away. She put in enough effort to move the pedals though backwards. Nothing is too big!

As adults we need to try out more things, do more new things before we slowly die within our own self-made boundaries. That's what keeps us alive and vibrant!

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