Thursday, March 3, 2011

Band, Baaja, Baraat - Delightful

'Band Baaja Baraat' is a delightful movie. I really loved the film and its freshness. There is hope, there is good cinema and it lies in the realm of new actors and new makers who are still uncorrupted by the dream to search for the elusive 'formula' for a successful and good film. The only formula as I see it to make it both successful and good is to believe in the story and to believe in what you are making and not second guess the audience at every stage and count the number of claps and whistles as a movie maker. And this movie, warms the cockles of the heart like no other in recent times, you really want to go and meet these two owners of Shaadimubarak. And want to get married just so you can have them around you!

Bittu (Ranveer Singh) is in the final year in Delhi University but hardly shows any effects of it as he can hardly speak a word of English or count up to a crore. But what he knows well is to get by in life by doing jugaad. To escape his father's threat of taking him back to their sugarcane farming business, Bittu recollects the enterprising young girl he meets at a wedding with the hope of turning partner. He meets Shruti (Anushka Sharma), middle class, ambitious, clear headed and hard as nails when it comes to her business plan - that of starting Shaadimubarak, a wedding planning outfit. They become friends largely due to Bittu's enterprise and even get the gig started somehow with a little help from both in a small wedding in a small locality. They realise they make a great team, stick to their ambition of growing their business and not fall in love which is Shruti's first rule in business - no love in business. The business grows, people enjoy their trademark style, their energy and they soon grow to a stage when they want to get into the big bucks - the elite weddings. As young businessmen they show their preparation, their enthusiasm, their hard work and pull off the first big one which runs into a couple of crores. And after the celebration that night they get drunk and sleep together, breaking the first law.

That brings about subtle changes in the relationship as they do not talk about it. Bittu is not sure what Shruti wants because she spouts her rules and principles about love being separate from business but actually behaves like she is in love with him. Shruti is infuriated with herself and with Bittu for behaving like he does not care. When they do get to talk about it, they do not accept that they are in love with one another leading to a break up. Business splits, they suffer as they cannot deliver alone, lose whatever they made, owe money in the market and get one offer of a lifetime. One rich businessman wants them to do the wedding of his daughter only if they work together. They agree, out of necessity, get their team together and plan the biggest event. And during the event they realise how stupid they were in not being honest and all turns out well after a few more twists and turns. Absolutely delightful!

Ranveer Singh is a treat and so is Anushka Sharma. They bring the brash Delhi youngsters to life in every scene and carry off the complex roles they have very subtly. To feel love and not show it because they do not wish to upset the business, the energy they share, the enthusiasm at the business, his negatives at not being refined enough - oh, they are so good, this shaadimubarak people that you do want to go to Delhi, find them out and get married because they make it so much fun. Fantastic stuff Maneesh Sharma, who directed it, all actors and the makers of the movie - you guys deserve all the success you have got. My only regret is that I missed it on the big screen. Here's to more such movies that give the audiences value for money and more!

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