Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The King's Speech - Movie Review

Watched 'The King's Speech' today. It was fantastic to watch Colin Firth act out the agony of George VI, struggling with his speech impediment, his father's death, his brother's abdication of the throne for his love and most importantly the demons of his past which cause the speech impediment. Geoffrey Rush as the good doctor Lionel Logue, unconventional as they come, and his peculiar and highly effective methods to cure the future king of his stammer is perfect. We all held our breath as King George gave his final speech and the relief was as big or bigger than any movie of any scale - sport, war, science fiction, disaster - can give. He did it! I felt the lump in my throat, the elation and this is what good cinema gives me. I hardly heard the final speech, just watched Colin Firth struggle through in his sincere, good intentioned, hardworking way to say what he feels to his people in the times of war. Ah, sublime. And what a plot for a movie!

The film is based on a true story. If they had not mentioned it I would not have believed it. truth is stranger than fiction! Watch it on the big screen when you can and don't wait for DVDs. This is big screen material lads.

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