Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Heat Is On

Reminds me of the Glen Frey hit in the 'Beverly Hills Cop' and fun times we had around it. One of the biggest fans of this movie was Naresh who found Axel F's theme music really intriguing and I remember seeing him do a break dance at the CBIT festival on that number. Now doing anything beyond dark in CBIT those days in the mid-eighties seems like madness - the entire place was deserted and I wonder how everyone survived, but that's besides the point. The point is the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy, Naresh and Glen Frey. A nice peppy number, good to listen to but one of those numbers which never got under my skin. I mean I could listen t it but I never found an urge to listen to it over and over again.

Anyway, every time the heat goes up, we do remember the song faithfully. It is that time of the year that the heat starts to go up and in Hyderabad it has gone up significantly in the last few days. I mean the rise has been so sharp that we could catch ourselves saying - 'hey, someone go easy on the thermostat'. And if the weather God was a service provider within our reach we would have many indignant callers and writers demanding that he be hauled over by CBI or whatever department which does this work for doing an inefficient job. But suffice to say, I have not seen such a sharp rise in temperature so suddenly in so many years. The kind of a summer heat that stuns you into sleep mode after lunch compulsorily.

Till a couple of days ago I have been able to do my work in my room without the services of my ceiling fan - a faithful relic from the past which seems to have gone beyond all repair. It just refused to move one fine day a month ago and I let it be, hoping that the cranky old thing might start work again. Until the other evening when I really felt the need for one. The heat was really getting to me so I decided to retire the said fan and get a replacement. Old went out, new came in and started whirring with great enthusiasm..

Last summer the heat in Hyderabad hovered around 45 degrees for most part. This summer has started off promisingly as well and should be in that region or more by the looks of it. Indoors, is the place to be. However the clear blue skies are a great sight, just as the prospect of mangoes and other summer related stuff. Onwards then, to meet summer.

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