Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anjali - New Avenues, New Conquests

And as Anjali grows and explores life around her, I can see that she is progressing quite rapidly these days, mostly without our help. For example the other day she was all set to change the CD in the DVD player and I wondered what she would do. I asked her what she proposed to do and she demonstrated it to me. She flitted across to the DVD player, pressed the button to eject the CD, pulled off the CD, put another one, pressed the button again and for good measure, pushed it in physically. I told her that she need not push it in, and that she could rotate the CD by pressing another button and she happily does that. Yesterday she came and found out how to get the TV set onto AV mode and she seems set with her CDs, long as they are within her reach.

Another thing that she learnt to do recently is to check out the other links on youtube by herself. If we get her on to a nursery rhyme she has learnt enough control of the mouse to check out the links by the side by clicking on them. This is obviously much faster than what the older people can learn - I remember trying to teach that to other older people and somehow their motor mechanisms are so rigid when compared to young children.

Among other new stuff she has started to do is draw her own shapes of flowers which she then proceeds to colour. Earlier she would ask us to draw and the colour what we have drawn but now she seems to have realised that her drawing is probably as good as ours and she has decided to do it herself.

It is an interesting phase and one that keeps us wondering on how the human mind can work if it wants to.

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