Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heartwarming Incident - Love Is Still Alive

In one of the most heartwarming incidents in recent times, an incident which bought my cynicism grinding to a halt with a slap on my face, the nurses at KEM Hospital, Mumbai celebrated with uninhibited abandon when the Supreme Court rejected the plea of Pinky Virani to end Aruna Shanbagh's life through mercy killing. Their indignation and fear at the thought that someone could actually ask for such a thing, that someone would want to end the life of their colleague, nay sister, mother, daughter, while she was still alive was seen on their faces.

'For 37 years we took care of her,' said one. 'Not a bedsore on her,' said another, 'her skin is so soft like a babies.' 'She responds,' said another. 'She likes fish curry - Bombay duck and rice. All non vegetarian food. And she likes cake. Today we will celebrate with a cake.' 'We do it out of love not as our duty.'

It was such genuine love, such unconditional love, for this nurse who suffered a ghastly crime all those years ago. And amidst all this useless, depressing news that we see and hear day in and day out, month on month, this was one news that made me pick up that paper and kiss the picture with all these ageing nurses, their faces hardly able to contain the joy in their hearts at the judgment. Thanks nurses of KEM, the servant staff, the Dean and all else for renewing my fading faith in humanity. Love you all!


naveen said...

I'm not sure if there is any other place online where I can read about current topics, your great observations / insights, movie and world cup reviews and much more.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks Hari.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Naveen. Glad you like my ramblings.