Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well Done Ireland - World Cup Cricket

And it is proven now that you cannot go in with a weak bowling attack. That batting is important is known but even scores upward of 350 are not safe on these wickets where nothing much happens. Once the batsmen get their eye in - it doe snot matter whether it is Tendulkar or O'Brien - it is mayhem. And that is when you need quality bowlers who can turn the tide. One good over when the batting side is going at 9 runs an over can wreak havoc, cause enough pressure to force a wicket. Forget it, three good balls can increase the pressure. Most teams do not seem to have this kind of a bowling and that could well be their undoing.

England bowling needs to seriously rethink their strategy. A 291 against Netherlands, 370 against India and now 328 against Ireland. What's going on? Same with India. Why are bowlers bowling length balls in death overs? Is there a law against the number of balls in the block hole or can't they just put the ball there?

To me now it appears clear that the ones with the best fielding and a good restrictive bowling, if not penetrative, will have the best shot at the Cup. More on that later.

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