Friday, March 25, 2011

South Africa Crashes Out - Incredible Side

How often have we been fooled by this team? I really thought they had a good thing going when they pulled ahead of India in the league stage but I forgot it was the league stage. These guys just fall apart like a pack of cards when it comes to the slightest pressure. And from 108 for 2 they crashed to 172 all out chasing a highly modest total of about 221 from New Zealand. Anybody would be nuts to ever back this side again. They need a complete change of the top floor. Bangladesh would have done much better in this stage.

I liked what I saw to Francois du Plessis. He is the only good thing about this side apart from Steyn, de Villiers and Kallis. I'd dump the rest and pick a new team right away. It was also interesting to see Alan Donald the New Zealand coach celebrate his former team's loss. But apparently he felt the Kiwis were better prepared which I doubt. But then anyone who just stays on their feet until South Africa gets to the last few runs can win a game against them in a pressure situation.

But what that makes me do is withdraw all previous predictions because I cannot predict anything any longer. It's all bordering on chaos, on one abysmal performance after another. All it appears is for the players to down a couple of stiff ones and come on to the wicket. Most cases the opposition is folding up by themselves. A case of fragile nerves all over.

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