Friday, September 9, 2022

What Are You Doing With Your Life - J Krishnamurti

 This would be the first book I fully read of JK though I have a few in my shelf. It is a great collection of his thoughts from various sources and talks and give a perspective into the way he thinks. As always with such minds I just pick some lines that have really made an impression on me. The books deals with topics such as Yourself and Your Life, Self Knowledge,  Education, Work and Money, Relationships. Each covers a wide gamut of thoughts on everything from death to marriage, love and sex etc.

JK talks of the mind and the conscious and the unconscious parts of it. He says the thinking mind is the conscious one and the unconscious mind is consciousness. Consciousness is time, the result of man's endeavours.

We are conditioned by our influences.

Minds are static. Life is not static. (Our stress comes from wanting life to be static)

Self knowledge is the process. To know oneself one must be aware of oneself in action which is relationship. What you are, what the world is. Our struggle is human struggle and if we understand and change ourselves,we change human struggle that much. In our relationship with the world is our revelation, our self-discovery. When we transform ourselves, we transform the world.

Most of us are after serenity. What we want is peace. 

As long as the activity of the mind exists, there can be no love.

Happiness cannot be pursued. Happiness comes by itself.  If you seek it, it will elude you.

When we want to hold on to things, to people, there is dependence, fear.

When there is exclusion, there is no joy. Joy is the absence of me that wants.

When the mind goes beyond me, there's a possibility of happiness which is incorruptible.

We want security in our relationships through marriage. 

Thought creates the thinking and not the other way  around. (Cut the thought and not let the narrative build). Thought is the response of stored up memory. It is a reaction to the past. It is the very essence of security. Thought can only bring conflict. Can only function in relation to conflict. 

A mind caught in a net of words cannot understand truth.

Intelligence is crippled by analysis.

Fear kills creative thinking. Fear kills the heart and the mind.

Significance of life is living. Living is not copying, imitating, following.

Those who do not love ask what is the purpose of life. Love can be found in action, which is relationship.

Fear prevents psychological freedom. Thought breeds fear.

Anger can be self-importance. In dependence there is anger,

Where there is possession, there can never be love. To possess is to destroy love.

A mind that is not comparing at all, at any level, becomes extraordinarily efficient, alert, because then it is looking at what is.  

The happy man is not a lonely man.

Be alone without escapes; see what happens.

Awareness is observation without condemnation.

Freedom comes with self-knowledge. When the mind goes beyond the hindrances it has created for itself.

Work - Love what you do.

If your relationship is one of need and not of greed, then you will find the right means of livelihood.

Our relationships are built out of images we carry - they are not real relationships.

It requires great awareness to look at one another without images.

Relationships are not about dependency.

Self-image leads to pain.

Our relationships are based on dependencies, that's why this fear. When you love there is neither one nor many. There's only love. Love is not habitual, its something joyous, creative.

Only in the death of the self, is there life.

The still mind has no imagination.

Only a mind that's capable of loving will know what it is to live peacefully.


It is a book I would like to own. I think I'll pick a copy up.



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