Friday, September 2, 2022

A Nice Gesture!

 So my good friend Dr Vardha Raju came home one day with a copy of 'The Men Within'. Now I know that Vardha is a big fan of Wilbur Smith but I didn't know he read my stuff. I asked him where he got it and he said he bought it on Amazon and he wanted to gift it to a young runner in his Runners Group - Sundar Nagesh.

Zoom in to see the book - Vardha in black next to the champ with the LB Nagar Runners Group

Now Vardha is big on fitness and mentors many young runners in the Hyderabad Runners Group, LB Nagar. He got the book signed and took it back and then sent me a pic a few days later of him and his group with the book.

Apparently while he gave the book to Sundar, a few others in the group (now 21-22) said they had all watched Golconda High School (it is based on 'The Men Within') on the first show and loved it. They must have been 10-11 years old then! They had a few questions to ask me whether they were real life incidents etc and I answered them through him.

Thanks for the nice gesture Don. Sure makes one feels that the effort has been worth it. And I do hope that your runners go and scale new heights like the kids in 'The Men Within'. And Sundar, good luck with your running!

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