Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Croma Disappointing, Big C Scores

 Needed to buy a phone and Sagar and I decided to go all the way to Erramanzil to Croma to buy it. The place had no proper service, no salesmen even if we asked for them, the ones who did come to service us after a while were plainly not too keen to make any sales and were happy to let us go. A couple of them had a small tiff about who would do the sale. And everyone avoided our eyes lest they might be asked to help. Despite all this Sagar bought a set of headphones and I finalised a phone until the guy said 'we have two colours and when I chose one' said he does not have the colour. Of course no one wanted to help with any data transfer and stupid stuff like that - I still don't know why they just don't charge 500 bucks to help with the data transfer! 

Anyway I thought enough was enough and its better to get over this sentimentality of Croma and Tata and all that and left. The salesman did not even ba an eyelid.

We went to Big C in Ameerpet and found the most helpful young lad who did everything and in a jiffy and got us to see a whole lot of other stuff he as well. The sale was smooth, the kid was helpful and respectful, and he also got one of those damage protection for a really cheap price. I am now convinced that this is the place to go. 

Good bye Croma. Hello Big C.

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