Monday, September 26, 2022

The Effect of Friends on a Whole Generation

 Sometimes I don't know what Anjali or my nephews or nieces refer to because I missed watching all the famous sitcoms. Friends, Seinfeld and the lot. Then my life started seeming pretty sad and I decided to add some humour to it and started watching Friends. I am in the seventh season now thanks to dedicated watching every day.

Then I realised how much this generation must have got influenced by this bunch of Friends. They have these wildly swinging morals where a cigarette or a drink is bad but sleeping around with anyone you like is fine - as long as you are not dating someone - but its ok if you are on a break - and hey as long as she is not your friend's date - and its ok to lie and fool around but not ok to break the code. The general idea seems to be to make out or to sleep with the next thing you see who does not fit into these categories - but hey, we do that once in a while and we end the relationship pretty fast. Their idea of right and wrong is so warped that I just cannot get my head wrapped around it.     

But it makes me laugh and I like the way Joey and Rachel's relationship has developed. I also like the way Chandler says the best line in the series so far to me while he dreams of his dream house - that he would have an apartment on the garage where Joey can grow old. Lovely stuff.  They are all getting to be likeable - Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross - except Monica who is getting a bit too competitive and predictable for me.

So, getting back to the topic of kids who grew up on this stuff - its easy to be very judgmental about those who did something that the 'Friends' would not approve of. I am only hoping by the end of these ten seasons they will loosen up their morals a little and be ok with whatever instead of having rules for everything.   

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